The Spiritual Life


From the writings of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, arranged by Fr. Patrick Troadec, SSPX



After the posthumous books of Archbishop Lefebvre, The Mass of All Time and Priestly Holiness, here is now a third volume entitled The Spiritual Life.

It gathers in a single volume the words of Archbishop Lefebvre on the subject of the life of the soul. The words of the great bishop are indeed an inexhaustible wellspring of meditation proper to nourish in the faithful their union with God, to encourage them on the field of spiritual combat and to draw them higher in the practice of Christian virtues.

This book is not an exhaustive treatise on spirituality, but a presentation of its fundamental aspects.

The first part of the work concerns God and His love for men. Indeed, the interior life consists in dwelling in the company of the divine Master in order to allow ourselves to be modeled, formed by His Spirit.Thus, after looking to God, the reader is drawn to discover the wonders that God operates in a soul in the state of grace. And “who would not love in return one who has so loved us?

However, to correspond to what God expects of us, we have to eliminate the obstacles to His reign and cooperate with His action by the practice of the Christian virtues. Doing so presupposes that we know both the frailty and the promise of our soul.

This study is the object of the second part of the work. It will remain then to see what means God has instituted by His Son to allow man to put off the old man and clothe himself in the New Man.

Finally, the book closes with the blessed life with God, who awaits man beyond his passage through the gates of eternity.

Although this collection was organized using words addressed for the most part to seminarians, priests and religious, it is entirely adapted to any of the faithful who are seeking a profound spiritual life.

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